Case Studies

QIB Extra has worked with a wide range of companies providing routine services and some very unique research projects. On this page you will find some examples of our previous work.

Please note that all QIB Extra services and projects are kept strictly confidential. Where names of projects and customers have been mentioned written authority from the company has been given.

New Improved Analysis Helps Industry Inform FSA’s 10-Day Policy

Using a recently improved ELISA to determine safety of chilled meat with regards to non-proteolytic C.botulinum, QIB Extra have worked with the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) to determine if a shelf-life of greater than 10 days can be applied to fresh chilled meat.

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Anthocyanin Analysis of Food Supplements

Using mass spectrometry QIB Extra’s experts carried out anthocyanin analysis of vegetable extracts for a consortium of manufacturers.

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Detecting Adulteration of Arabica coffee with robusta using benchtop NMR

Coffee is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world, however, high-quality Arabica roast coffee can be adulterated with less expensive coffee types, such as robusta. Using Oxford Instrument' Pulsar benchtop NMR spectrometer QIB Extra is now able to offer a fast, cost effective and accurate coffee authentication service. 

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Food Safety

Microbial Safety Study of Sous Vide.

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Bespoke Phytochemical Analysis

Using Quadram Institute Bioscience’s specific expertise and analytical methods, we could help our customer determine if their new supplement product was having an impact during a human study.

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Applied Contract Research and Analytical Services for Industry

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