Bespoke Phytochemical Analysis

Using QIB Extra’s specific expertise and analytical methods we were able to help our customer determine if their new supplement product was having an impact during a human study.

Our customer, who was developing a new food supplement product, contacted QIB Extra to help determine the impact of one of this product on human serum levels of key phytochemicals.

Serum samples were collected during the human study, sent to QIB Extra and analysed by our experts for a particular range of phytochemicals and other biomarkers. QIB Extra has a large body of research expertise in the area of establishing how individuals vary in their ability to absorb, metabolise and extract health benefits from polyphenols and used this knowledge in the execution of this project.

QIB Extra performed the required analysis and provided an expert interpretation of the results in the form of a short report which demonstrated that the product did have an effect on levels of phytochemicals in the serum samples tested.
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