Germ Free Facilities with QIB Extra

Germ Free Facilities with QIB Extra

  23/11/2018 10:29:47

Available through QIB Extra is the Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB) germ-free (Axenic) facility to unravel the cross-talk taking place between the body and the organisms (microbiota) that reside within it.

The germ-free facility has successfully undertaken several projects for a Cambridge based biotechnology company to investigate the contribution of the microbiota in myelin regeneration after neuronal damage such as that associated multiple sclerosis.

Services available from the unit include:

  • Sterile experimental procedures – providing microbial or dietary intervention free from unspecified microbes
  • Strain rederivation - creation of germ-free murine strains
  • Tissue repository - germ-free murine tissues directly available
The facility staff can generate new germ-free models by the rederivation process, using this technique strains, including transgenics, can be converted to a germ-free state.

A repository of germ-free tissue is available to clients which holds a variety of preserved samples to enable immediate access to murine control tissues for research. 

For more information on this service please contact QIB Extra. 


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