Our People - QIB Extra Employees

QIB Extra has a dedicated management team which deals with all aspects of project development and engagement with the customer. We also have an experienced microbiology team that work on a wide range of projects.

For more information on how to access world renowned expertise through Quadram Institute BioScience please head over to our Consultancies information page.


Dr Reg Wilson

Managing Director


Dr Alan Brailsford

Head of Operations


Kirsty Holmes



Jemma Snell



Dr Martin Webb



Professor Mike Peck

Consultant Microbiologist


Carmen Nueno-Palop

Business Development Manager (NCYC)


Jeanette Newman

Microbiologist (NCYC)


Maria Monzon

Microbiologist (NCYC)



Consultancies with Research Leaders

Applied Contract Research and Analytical Services for Industry

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