Dr Martin Webb


After completing his PhD at the University of Liverpool studying bioremediation of chlorinated phenols, Martin undertook a post-doctoral position at Westlakes Scientific Consulting in Cumbria, before joining Mike Peck’s Research Group at Quadram Institute Bioscience (previously known as Institute of Food Research) in Norwich.
Martin’s research focused on investigating germination and outgrowth from individual spores of Clostridium botulinum to gain greater understanding of the physiology and variability surrounding these events; and using physiological and genomic techniques to examine variability between C. botulinum strains.
In the last ten years Martin has predominantly focused on industrially-relevant projects, in particular investigating the survival and growth of spore-forming bacteria such as C. botulinum and Bacillus cereus in foods during refrigeration. Martin brings over 21 years’ experience of working with the important foodborne pathogen Clostridium botulinum to QIB Extra.


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