Analysis of Food Bioactives

Analysis of Food Bioactives

Food Bioactives, particularly plant-based bioactives, are the focus of intense research with regards to their beneficial health properties.
Using the expertise of the QIB we are able to offer industry the following services with regards to Food Bioactives:

Determine the levels of bioactives, such as polyphenols and anthocyanins, in raw materials such as fruit and vegetables

  • Study the uptake and absorption of bioactives in human serum (Case study)
  • Determine the presence of potential bioactives in new food materials
  • Aid in determination of biomarkers with regards to health claims
  • Interpretation of the bioactive database eBASIS

Projects range from short-term analyses to determine levels in products to longer term projects elucidating the absorption of bioactives in humans.
For more information or to speak with one of the QIB Research Leaders in this area please contact us.


Food Safety is an essential part of product manufacture. QIB extra has expertise in the major bacterial pathogens of concern and can help with process validation with regards to ensuring safety guidelines are met. 

Food Quality

QIB Extra can help you in all aspects of food quality; shelf-life, authenticity, texture analysis and product consistency.

Nutritional Information Solutions (NIS)

New legislation requires producers to label all foods with nutritional composition data. NIS can provide software to enable you to calculate your nutritional information from your recipe ingredients or if preferred can calculate the nutritional information for you.

Stats and Analysis

We offer access to a team of professional statisticians who will aim to give understandable answers to your data analysis questions or problems as well as help you design experiments. 


National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) offers a number of commercial services including contract R&D, yeast identification, DNA fingerprinting and safe deposit.


Utilizing the expertise of the Analytical Sciences Unit at Quadram Institute, QIB Extra is able to offer  rapid screening methods for detecting substitution of undeclared material in foods.

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