Food Quality

Food Quality

QIB Extra can help you in all aspects of food quality; we help reduce changes in quality that occur during processing or storage.

Texture Analysis

QIB Extra consultants are experts in understanding the textural qualities of food products. We use our specialist knowledge and testing capabilities (instrumental and sensory) to help food processing companies formulate new products and improve existing products.
Examples of textural properties: Crispness, Crunchiness, Juiciness, Mealiness, Chewiness, Hardness, Brittleness & Elasticity
“We highly recommend IFR Extra for texture analysis” Harry Schimanski, Stable Micro Systems.

Consistent Food Products

QIB Extra provides services that minimise product variability to obtain consistent products.


QIB Extra has expertise in the microbial determination of shelf-life and sensory shelf-life evaluation.

Food Quality Services

Stable Micro systems Texture Analyzer


Product Testing

  • Texture analysis
  • Mechanical & Thermal properties
  • Rheology
  • Structure
  • Consumer and Sensory analysis

Food Processing Method Development

From ingredients through process to final product we formulate robust methods that enable food property measurement and guarantee food quality.


We carry out on-site audits in the fields of food processing, storage, quality control and shelf-life. By visiting your production facility we analyse where the trouble spots are then advise you on how to correct any problems.


We can train your staff to determine the quality e.g. texture of your products. QIB Extra consultants can carry out training at your facilities or in our laboratories at the Institute of Food Research .

Food Quality Training Expertise

  • Processing properties 
  • Product quality testing
  • Texture measurement

Projects with industry 

  • Achieving product consistency for variations in feedstock and processing variables
  • Minimising process line waste
  • Identifying process pinch points and blockages
  • On line process measurement and feedstock analysis
  • Making changes in composition for new processes

Analysis of Food Bioactives

Food Bioactives, particularly plant-based bioactives, are the focus of intense research with regards to their beneficial health properties.


Food Safety is an essential part of product manufacture. QIB extra has expertise in the major bacterial pathogens of concern and can help with process validation with regards to ensuring safety guidelines are met. 

Nutritional Information Solutions (NIS)

New legislation requires producers to label all foods with nutritional composition data. NIS can provide software to enable you to calculate your nutritional information from your recipe ingredients or if preferred can calculate the nutritional information for you.

Stats and Analysis

We offer access to a team of professional statisticians who will aim to give understandable answers to your data analysis questions or problems as well as help you design experiments. 


National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) offers a number of commercial services including contract R&D, yeast identification, DNA fingerprinting and safe deposit.


Utilizing the expertise of the Analytical Sciences Unit at Quadram Institute, QIB Extra is able to offer  rapid screening methods for detecting substitution of undeclared material in foods.

QIB Extra - Food Science Solutions Fast

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