Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

QIB Extra Ltd. operates within the Norwich Bioscience Institutes (NBI) and is committed to minimising the adverse environmental impacts of both its laboratory and office operations when performing contracted research for our customers. As such, we are also aligned with the NBI purchasing environmental statement. We will utilise current best practices to ensure the risk of environmental pollution is kept to a minimum and seek to promote a high standard of environmental awareness and good practice among our staff. We will do this by considering the implications of sustainable development in our business plans and operational strategy.
  • Considering the implications of sustainable development in our business plans and operational strategy.
  • Being efficient in the use of energy and natural resources, minimising waste and encouraging effective re-use and recycling.
  • Minimising the environmental impact of all QIB Extra operations
  • Complying with applicable environmental legislation.
  • Promoting staff awareness and training in environmental best practice to ensure effective resource management, and train personnel in the correct procedures for use and disposal of chemical, radiological and biological material.
  • Communicating on relevant environmental issues with external stakeholders, including Landlords, contractors, suppliers, local communities, Norwich Research Park, local authorities and other organisations as necessary.
  • Raise environmental awareness amongst its purchasers.
  • Ensure relevant environmental issues are considered as part of the purchasing process.
  • Support and encourage suppliers to be compliant with any current and future environmental legislation.
  • Working with suppliers to promote best environmental practice
  • Encourage the use of suppliers who aim to adhere to ‘greener’ policies.
  • Give preference where possible, where items are of similar cost, to those that are manufactured with a high recycled content.
  • Conduct ‘whole life costing’ exercise where appropriate, taking into account factors affecting the environment.
  • Consider using recycled paper for photocopiers and general stationery.
  • Consider the energy usage/cost of operating equipment prior to purchase.
  • Specify carbon and energy saving, environmentally friendly alternatives as desirable options.
  • Encourage the purchase of recycled goods or recycled content.
  • Encourage suppliers to return and re use packaging and other recyclable products.
  • Promote and make full use of services offered by suppliers who will collect and recycle previously or used items.
  • Reduce the number of delivery vehicles entering/leaving site, by encouraging the use of contracted suppliers (national hauliers) and scheduled deliveries.
We will monitor and review our procedures to continually improve our environmental performance as new information and practices come to light.

QIB Extra Environmental Statement v2.0 Oct 2023

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