Bespoke Scientific Research

Bespoke Scientific Research

Research groups within Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB) target some of the major challenges facing society related to the field of food and health, and QIB Extra enables scientists within QIB to undertake bespoke research work for commercial partners where their world-leading knowledge can be applied to meet the specific needs or challenges a business may have, facilitating access to knowledge and state-of-the art facilities and equipment available in QIB that may not otherwise be available.
As such, QIB Extra may provide bespoke research projects across areas aligned with the Quadram Institute Bioscience's two strategic research programmes, which are focused on the areas of Food, Microbiome, and Health and Microbes and Food Safety.
Key fields with wider target areas include (click on the text to find out more):

Food Composition (inc Food Databanks National Capability
Food Safety 
Future Foods (development and testing) 
Personalised Nutrition 
Antimicrobial Resistance 
Cardiovascular Disease
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 
Liver/lipid disease 

The setup of a typical project with QIB Extra is provided below, however depending on the needs of your business and individual requests variations may occur;
1. Initiation

Clearly define research goals, scope, and stakeholders. Establish the purpose and expected outcomes to guide the project.

2. Planning

Develop a comprehensive project plan, detailing tasks, timelines, resources, and milestones. Incorporate data collection methods and potential risks, creating a solid foundation for execution.

3. Contract negotiation

Formalise agreements, outlining terms, conditions, and responsibilities. Ensure clarity on deliverables, timelines, and budget constraints. Finalise a contract to serve as a legally binding document for the research project.

4. Execution

Implement the project plan, collecting data and conducting research activities according to the outlined schedule and methodology. Adhere to the terms specified in the contract, maintaining ethical standards and quality throughout the research process.

5. Monitoring and controlling

Regularly assess project progress, comparing actual outcomes to the plan. Monitor data collection, address issues promptly, and adjust strategies as needed to stay on course. Maintain effective communication channels among team members.

6. Reporting and communication

Create and disseminate regular progress reports, detailing findings and insights. Communicate effectively with the client, addressing concerns and presenting results. Facilitate transparency and ensure that the research outcomes align with project objectives.

7. Closing project

Evaluate the project's overall success, learn from experiences, and conclude with any necessary administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth and well-documented closure of the research project. Discuss with client future project requirements.

For more information on these services please go to our contact us page.

In addition, QIB Extra works with the QIB Business Development Team to deliver large potentially multidisciplinary contract research projects within the area of biomedical science for companies in the Pharmaceutical and wider health industries. To find out how our expertise can help your business in these areas contact the Business Development Team on

Clostridium botulinum challenge testing

QIB Extra tests for toxin types B and E as these are the common toxins associated with chilled food products however tests for other botulinum toxins are also available.

DNA Sequencing

Our DNA sequencing service utilises Short- and Long-Read technologies for comprehensive genomic analysis, offering expert guidance in experimental design, data interpretation, and strategic planning.


TraDIS-Xpress is a high-resolution, whole-genome assay that identifies novel mechanisms of triclosan action and resistance.

Food Safety - Microbiology

QIB Extra offers a rapid, confidential and cost-effective way to address your microbiological needs.


Tap into the expertise of Quadram Institute Bioscience Research Group Leaders through QIB Extra.

Analysis of Food Bioactives

Food Bioactives, particularly plant-based bioactives, are the focus of intense research with regards to their beneficial health properties.

Food Quality / Nutritional Analysis

QIB Extra can help your business in all aspects of food quality; shelf-life, authenticity, texture analysis and product consistency.

Facilities and Equipment

The Quadram Institute building contains a range of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including a clinical research facility and Level 3 laboratory (CL3). 

National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC)

National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) provides a range of yeast related services for the brewing and baking industry and academic researchers. 

Nutritional Information Solutions (NIS)

Nutritional Information Solutions provides a cost effective service to calculate front and back of pack food labelling for food producers.  

Applied Contract Research and Analytical Services for Industry

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