The Quadram Institute Bioscience is an interdisciplinary research centre at the forefront of a new era of food and health research. QIB’s mission is to deliver healthier lives through innovation in gut health, microbiology and food and its wider vision is to understand how food and microbes interact to promote health and prevent disease. Four interconnected research themes (listed below)  deliver a pipeline of world-class research with outcomes that may provide a step change to your business.
  • Food Innovation and Health
  • Gut Microbes and Health
  • Microbes in the Food Chain
  • Population Health
The responsibility for delivering the research within these areas rest with the Research Group Leaders, who are recognised experts in their respective fields. Consultancy with these Research Group Leaders is available through QIB Extra.
To find out more about Quadram Institute Bioscience’s Research Group Leaders please click here.

Stats and Analysis 

Statistical techniques are used to extract information from numerical data. Almost any kind of quantitative measurements can be usefully analysed using descriptive statistics or modelling techniques.
QIB Extra offers access to professional statisticians, who will aim to give understandable answers to your data analysis questions or problems or help you design experiments. Typical services we can provide include:
  • Descriptive statistical analysis.
  • Planning and conducting experiments and interpreting statistical analyses.
  • Help with surveys – design and analysis of questionnaires.
  • Sample size and power calculations.
  • Advanced statistical modelling – including data mining techniques.
 For more information on this service and consultancies please contact us on or +44 (0)1603 255 342.


Bespoke Scientific Research

Including food science and innovation, gut health (inc. microbiome) and microbes in the food chain.

Clostridium botulinum Challenge Testing

QIB Extra tests for toxin types B and E as these are the common toxins associated with chilled food products however tests for other botulinum toxins are also available.

Food Safety - Microbiology

QIB Extra offers a rapid, confidential and cost-effective way to address your microbiological needs.

Authentication Services

QIB Extra offers a range of coffee, argan oil, buffalo mozzarella and other oils and meat origin authetication services. 

Analysis of Food Bioactives

Food Bioactives, particularly plant-based bioactives, are the focus of intense research with regards to their beneficial health properties.

Food Quality / Nutritional Analysis

QIB Extra can help your business in all aspects of food quality; shelf-life, authenticity, texture analysis and product consistency.

Facilities and Equipment

The Quadram Institute building contains a range of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including a clinical research facility and Level 3 laboratory (CL3). 


National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) provides a range of yeast related services for the brewing and baking industry and academic researchers. 




Nutritional Information Solutions (NIS)

Nutritional Information Solutions provides a cost effective service to calculate front and back of pack food labelling for food producers.  

Applied Contract Research and Analytical Services for Industry

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